Root Canals

Tanglewood Dentists Gentle Save You

 from Extraction with Root Canals

A root canal could save your tooth from extraction. If you have a very deep cavity or severe infection, it may be recommended.

At the Tanglewood dental office of Doctors Hedge and Riley, root canal procedures can be done along with a plethora of other general and cosmetic dentistry services.

We strive for preventative dentistry wherever possible but if there comes a time when you do need a root canal, we’ll be there and we’ll make the experience as anxiety-free and pain-free as possible. Most people experience little to no discomfort during a root canal with us. We use The Wand, which is a painless medication delivery device that does not use needles. Our caring staff and comfortable environment puts patients naturally at ease.

Root Canals: The Basics

A root canal requires a deep cavity being filled after roots and tooth pulp is removed and medicine is delivered. After this is done and the tooth is medicated a temporary filling is put in. A subsequent appointment happens with your permanent filling. You’ll then get fitted for a porcelain crown.

Why are porcelain crowns necessary after a root canal?

A root canal leaves you with a thin shell of tooth remaining. If you don’t reinforce that tooth with a crown you run a big risk of it cracking or breaking. After all your efforts in saving that tooth don’t put it at risk by neglecting to have a porcelain crown installed. The crown caps the tooth and offers additional protection. We offer same day crowns in our dental office, too, and they look seamless.

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