Gum Bleaching

Gum bleaching gives people the photogenic pink gums they’ve always craved.

People in Houston get rid of unwanted blotches on their gums with a visit to The Houston Dentists Tanglewood.

Do you have great teeth but still refuse to smile for photos because of your gums? You’re not alone. Many people struggle with the awkwardness that comes from having discoloration of the gums. If you want to rid yourself of those dark patches on your gums, our office can help.

Gum Bleaching is Simple

The dark spots on the gums are caused by too much pigmentation or coloring in those locations. Our procedure bleaches those spots, removing the excess gum pigmentation and leaving behind healthy-looking pink gums.

Gum Bleaching is Fast

How long have you dealt with gum discoloration? Did it make you shy during your adolescence? Has it affected your adult dating life? Does it hold you back on your job?

How would you like to make years of embarrassment disappear with one office visit? That’s right, one office visit.

Gum Bleaching is Mostly Painless

Before the treatment begins, our patients receive an anesthetic—usually, local and topical. And the healing time is typically short and uneventful.

Gum Bleaching is Safe

We use the top-of-the-line Waterlase MD Laser to treat your gums. The Waterlase MD Laser quickly and effectively eliminates our patients’ gum discoloration.

Gum Bleaching Lasts

If you can rid yourself of dark gums, would you be happy if the treatment lasted for six months? What about a year? Would you consider undergoing the procedure if the results lasted an average of three years?

You’ll be happy to learn that gum bleaching can last for much longer than three years. Results may vary from patient to patient, but the results could last up to 20 years.

There’s no longer a reason for enduring life with discolored gums. Let go of the past and all the stress and anxiety associated with an uncomfortable smile. Do yourself a favor and give yourself a new outlook on life.

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The Houston Dentists Tanglewood uses a simple gum bleaching procedure to remove dark spots on the gums of people throughout Tanglewood and the Greater Houston area.

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