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At The Houston Dentists Tanglewood, Dr. Hedge and Dr. Riley can help with a variety of general dentistry areas. Some of our most popular dental procedures are listed below. Have questions? Want to book an appointment for a dental consultation or check-up? Have a dental emergency you need help with? Book a dental appointment in Tanglewood through our website or feel free to call us for assistance.

Below are some of the popular general dentistry procedures our Tanglewood, TX dental office handles.

Porcelain Crowns, Inlays and Onlays

Crowns and onlays can help improve the integrity of your teeth. Deep fillings, root canals, and damaged teeth can become significantly stronger with this option. We create crowns, inlays, and onlays that are customized for your smile right here in our office. Our same day crowns look fantastic and work exceptionally well in strengthening a tooth.

White Fillings

A filling can stop the progression of tooth decay. We use bio-friendly white tooth-colored fillings that look fantastic, enabling us to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible. Whether you are in need of a replacement filling for an older / metal filling or need a tooth filled for the first time we offer relaxing and gentle dentistry in our Tanglewood, TX dental office.

Root Canals

Sometimes a regular dental filling isn’t enough. Root canals can save you from tooth extraction in many cases. Deep cavities and severe tooth pulp infections can mean that a root canal is the best option. We offer this service in 2 to 3 appointments, depending on your unique situation and offer dental crowns afterwards, in order to strengthen the tooth.

Tooth Extractions

We save your tooth wherever possible but when there’s the need for an extraction, either for a wisdom tooth or in preparation for dentures or dental implants, we offer top-notch dental services, including several options to replace missing teeth.

Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease, also referred to as periodontal disease, is a serious concern that affects about 8 out of 10 Americans, to some degree. We regularly screen for signs of gum disease and if it is present, we can treat it. This bacterial infection can cost you your teeth, can lead to significant discomfort, and is linked to a plethora of systemic diseases.

Depending on the severity, a variety of treatment options for gum disease are available. We offer scaling and root planing, a deep cleaning of your teeth and gums, and other options that can stop gum disease in its tracks. In cases of severe periodontitis, we can refer patients to a local Tanglewood periodontist.

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Whether you are new to the Houston area or are simply looking for a new general family dentist, we would be happy to meet with you to help you determine if Dr. Hedge and Dr. Riley are a good fit for your family. We get great dental reviews and we offer a wide variety of services in addition to general and preventative dentistry. We can also help with cosmetic dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry (TMJ), and more.

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