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Dental bonding, also known as cosmetic contouring, is a highly versatile cosmetic dentistry procedure. Tanglewood dentists at The Houston Dentists Tanglewood leverage cosmetic contouring in a variety of ways that can help transform your smile quickly and affordably.

Cosmetic Contouring Uses

Composite bonding is done with the same material used for white dental fillings. Not only is it strong and easily malleable but it looks great. Beyond filling your teeth, it’s used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Attaching dental veneers to the front of your teeth
  • Cementing in a dental bridge
  • To fill gaps, tooth chips, and / or cover tooth stains

Dental bonding is, in essence, a clay that can be used to seamlessly improve your smile. Dr. Hedge and Dr. Riley can use it in a variety of ways to correct imperfections and to improve the look of your smile.

And when it comes to fillings, white fillings are not only more bio-friendly than their amalgam counterparts but they look better plus allow you to keep more of your natural tooth when tooth decay is being removed. If you’re interested in cosmetic contouring or replacing old fillings with new white ones, we would be happy to meet with you and help you review your options.

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Dr. Tom Hedge, Dr. Jeffrey C. Riley, and their Tanglewood dental team put patients first. We continually invest in ways to improve your experience with us. Everything from dental technology to education and our gentle approach are all done with patient satisfaction in mind. If you need a new family or cosmetic dentist in the Greater Houston area we invite you to book a consultation with us.

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