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Clear braces give you the smile you want without the awkwardness of regular metal braces. People in Houston visit The Houston Dentists Tanglewood for their Invisalign and Clear Correct braces.

About Clear Braces

Clear braces are a transparent alternative to the traditional metal braces. They were developed in response to the generations of users of metal braces who were unhappy with their appearance. Clear braces remove the social stigma associated with wearing a dental device.

How Clear Braces Work

Clear braces serve the same function as the older metal braces. They apply subtle but steady pressure on the teeth to budge them into their proper positions. Typically, braces are worn for several months to two years.

Why Clear Braces?

Clear braces give people who are reluctant to use metal braces the chance to achieve the smile that they’ve always dreamed they could have. Even more importantly, clear braces put the teeth in the proper alignment to make it easier to eat well and maintain good health.

What Are Invisalign and Clear Correct Braces?

Invisalign and Clear Correct are the clear braces of choice at The Houston Dentists Tanglewood. The two systems use transparent trays called aligners that are molded to the specific shape of your teeth.

Are Clear Braces Available for Both Young and Old?

Because the challenge of straightening adult teeth is different than that of straightening the teeth of kids, clear braces come in a variety of models to accommodate patients. For example, the clear braces for kids have more space to allow for the fact that a kid’s teeth are still growing.

Will People Be Able to Tell That I’m Wearing Clear Braces?

Clear braces are nearly invisible from the usual speaking distance. Of course, if someone got closer and paid greater attention, they’d notice even clear braces. However, under normal circumstances, the braces easily go unnoticed.

How Are Clear Braces Put On?

Clear braces are tailor-made to fit you, and only you. Therefore, we first take a digital 3-D scan of your teeth. Then a customized aligner is constructed with your specific needs in mind.
The finished aligner slides comfortably over your teeth while still gradually exerting enough pressure to prod your teeth into better alignment.

What Conditions Do Clear Braces Treat?

Clear braces can be used to correct any dental problem that old-fashioned metal braces can treat. They’re suitable for most cases seen in our office. Someone rarely has a dental situation that’s too complex to be solved by clear braces.
Clear braces can be used for an underbite, an overbite, a crossbite, or an open bite. They also straighten crooked teeth, close gaps between teeth, and create space where teeth are overcrowded.
Are Clear Braces Better Than Metal

Are Clear Braces Better Than Metal

Both clear braces and metal braces do an excellent job of realigning the teeth. However, there are some advantages to clear braces.
For starters, it’s much easier to get a young patient to accept the idea of wearing braces if the braces are difficult for others to see. Often, patients dread the idea of metal braces if they are of age to begin dating. They feel that metal braces will ruin their social lives and romantic prospects.
Also, clear braces such as Invisalign and Clear Choice are removable, which means they won’t interfere with school activities. For example, patients can play brass and wind instruments in the school band with the same ease as their bandmates who don’t wear braces.
Also, there may be rules against competing in some youth contact sports while wearing metal braces. If so, clear braces will put you back into the game because, once again, they’re removable.
Both metal braces and clear braces have to be adjusted or changed regularly as the teeth begin to respond to the treatment and move closer to their correct locations. The adjustment with the metal braces can leave some patients complaining of soreness for a few days. In contrast, Invisalign and Clear Choice use aligners, which patients adjust to much easier.
Cleaning is uncomplicated with removable clear braces. You brush your teeth as you normally would. With metal braces, the wires make it a challenge to clear your teeth thoroughly. Special instruments are recommended to get the job done properly.

How Long Do Clear Braces Last?

Actually, throughout your treatment, you’ll wear a series of aligners. Each aligner is slightly different than the previous one to accommodate the steady movement of your teeth.
You’ll switch to a new aligner every week or two. During your office visits, you’ll receive a set of several aligners so that it won’t be necessary to come to the office each time you need to switch to the next aligner in your series.
The overall length of treatment varies depending upon the patient and the specific nature of the problem. Some patients use clear braces for less than a year, while others may stay on the program for approximately two years.

Am I Limited In What I Can Eat with Clear Braces?

Don’t worry. You can eat all your favorite foods and even experiment with exotic new ones. Invisalign and Clear Choice braces are removable. Take them out and enjoy whatever you’re in the mood to eat.

Can Clear Braces Stain?

Yes, strong substances such as tea and coffee can stain clear braces. But you can prevent staining by remembering to remove your clear braces when eating and drinking anything other than water. And don’t forget to brush your teeth after you finish eating and before you once again use your clear braces.

Can You Get Clear Braces Without a Dentist?

Can You Get Clear Braces Without a Dentist?

There’s the old expression, “you get what you pay for.” So, what do you get with an in-home teeth-straightening kit? You get no personalized help to learn how to either wear the braces or how to care for them.
Some companies do sell clear braces, but what they don’t offer is the comfort and experience you get from a caring medical professional.
Do you seriously want to entrust your teeth or the teeth of your children to a do-it-yourself dentistry kit?

Can I Switch From Metal Braces to Clear Braces?

Can I Switch From Metal Braces to Clear Braces?

Yes. Because they principally work the same way, it doesn’t present a major issue if you’d like to make a switch.
Patients may have gotten metal braces at a time in their lives when they were less self-conscious about their appearance. Now that they are older, they want a system that gives them more confidence in public.
Sometimes adults, who had metal braces as kids, find that after several decades their teeth are slowly reverting to their old positions. To correct the matter, they choose clear braces. The clear braces keep their teeth straight while staying out of sight when the patient is talking to their board of directors, or to their classroom, or to the courtroom.

What Happens After My Teeth Are Straight?

What Happens After My Teeth Are Straight?

Congratulations. You’ve achieved a personal milestone.
Now you want to keep your teeth straight. We recommend wearing a retainer while sleeping. A retainer is similar in appearance to clear braces but is simpler and doesn’t take as much getter used to because it doesn’t apply the same pressure to your teeth like braces. However, it does serve to prevent your teeth from reverting to their old positions.
Sometimes it’s beneficial to wear the retainer doing the day as well. That’s determined on a case-by-case basis.

How Long Will I Have to Wear a Retainer?

How Long Will I Have to Wear a Retainer?

Wearing a retainer is an important part of your treatment. It’s understandable that once the clear braces are no longer necessary, it’s a bit of a disappointment that you now have to begin wearing another device.
Keep in mind that wearing the retainer is what makes the time spent wearing the braces worth it. The retainer ensures that your time and money were well spent.
Different patients wear their retainers for different lengths of time. In general, the simpler your original dental problem, the shorter the time we’ll recommend that you wear a retainer. Then, the more complicated your dental situation, the more likely we are to recommend long-term use of your retainer.

Are Clear Braces Worth It?

Are Clear Braces Worth It?

Only you can decide if clear braces are worth it.
Some patients decided clear braces were worth it because they were tired of hiding their true personality. There were tired of being known as the person who never laughed or smiled even in family photos. They were tired of sitting alone in a corner at social events or staying home alone to completely avoid being around people.
They wanted to be able finally to present themselves to the world. They wanted to have confidence when they applied for a new job, made that public speech, or recited their wedding vows.
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Moving a canine into position

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Fixing a deep over bite

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Closing spaces

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